High temperature catalysis Applications
Transient behavior of partial oxidation monoliths ( DETCHEMMONOLITH )
Light-off of an extruded monolith coated with rhodium as used for partial oxidation of methane to synthesis gas. A cold methane/oxygen/nitrogen mixture flows from left into the preheated cold monolith. The figures reveal the calculated temperature distribution of the monolith and the methane, hydrogen, and water concentrations within three single monolith channels after 2 and 120 seconds of reactor operation.
Catalytic Converters
Fuel cells
Reference: R. Schwiedernoch, S. Tischer, C. Correa, O. Deutschmann, Experimental and numerical study of transient behavior of a catalytic partial oxidation monolith. Chem. Eng. Sci. 58, 633-642 (2003)