Reaction mechanisms for hexadecane

1) Surface reactions: Steam reforming of hexadecane over a Rh/CeO2 catalyst in microchannel reactor

Version: 1.0 (2009)
Evaluation: evaluated by comparison between calculated and experimentally determined conversion, selectivity , and species concentrations in a microchannel reactor at ambient pressure, temperature 673 - 973K, steam to carbon ratio (S/C) = 3 -8 by variation of the residence time inside the microchannels between 38 and 220 ms. Furthermore, the model is evaluated at supplemental feeding of products (H2, CO, CO2).
Reference: J. Thormann, L. Maier, P. Pfeifer, U. Kunz, K. Schubert, O. Deutschmann. International J. Hydrogen Energy 34 (2009), 5108-5120


Fuel on Surface

Gasphase kinetics