DETCHEM stands for DETailed CHEMistry. A package of software tools specifically designed for the modeling and simulation of reacting flows, in particular heterogeneous systems. Such as...

  • Catalytic reactors
  • Material synthesis
  • Fuel / electrolysis cells
  • Emission control


CaRMeN stands for CAtalytic Reaction MEchanisms Network. It is a package of software tools specifically designed for the rapid analysis of physical and chemical models against experimental data. CaRMeN combines tools to archive and package various forms of data with simulation codes in a graphical user interface.


Chemical reaction mechanisms, in particular for heterogeneous (gas/solid) catalytic systems, developed by the research group of Olaf Deutschmann (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), are free for downloading from this web site. The mechanisms are given in DETCHEM format and in CHEMKIN format. In case, you would like to use the mechanisms for your own simulations, we would really appreciate to receive a short e-mail ([email protected]) describing your interest. In case of publication, please refer to the given reference and to this website.